Don’t just love your parents .. express your love .. pata nahi kal woh ya hum ho na ho | Niaz Ahmed Mohmuddin Peerzaada – my Papa

my papa Niaz Ahmed Mohmuddin Peerzaada | don't just love your parents .. express your love .. pata nahi kal woh ya hum ho na ho ..

my papa Niaz Ahmed Mohmuddin Peerzaada left me . his wife .. his daughters .. his grand daughters .. his family .. his innumerable well wishers .. his dear friends, his Tapasyasociety Prabhadevi which he loved so much, his hometown Kudachi Kudchi, his city Mumbai and this world on 9th sept 2013 .. exactly 44 days back ..

As a student he was the most popular student of his college (being Mr. Ismail Yusuf College) was a sportsman (hockey) .. Scholar and an artist (played Sitar) .. he matriculated from the Anglo Urdu High school Belgaum. He won the Sir Kasam Moosa Gold Medal and Sir Frank Santer’s Scholarship for the getting the highest marks in Persian in the whole of university. He always maintained a brilliant academic record in his college and a moving spirit behind many college activities.

my father and i shared a very silent relationship .. was not a very strict father but in terms of sharing love and emotions he held himself back never letting his emotions rule him .. in his 86 years of life we hardly interacted .. but from past couple of we actually got down to talking while watching Arnab Goswami’s News hour … probably it was Arnab’s magic and my fathers interest in news | politics …

thus in between Arnab’s news hour .. we had one hour of chatting away on various issues and problems not only of our own house but of our city and of our country ..

thus dooriyan nazdikiyan bani and we became very close ..

feb 22nd 2003 is the day i will never forget .. he use to make his own tea and warm water .. was carrying both in his hands and suddenly his legs gave away and just went down with the hot tea and water ..

from that days onwards it was innumerable trips to doctors .. scans and what not ..

i wont go into all the details .. his health deteriorated and my family and i just could not see this fit and healthy man not able to walk and on bed constantly ..

till the age of 84 he drove scooter .. a super confident man .. there was nothing in this world that my father could not do .. he took many difficult projects in his life and he never failed .. never failed …

a man who never went to a doctor till 86 years of his age .. never knew what and how a clinic looks …

but he took ill from feb 03 onwards and was besieged with many ailments and he fought with all the ailments smilingly .. never complained of pain whatsoever …

in these months father and his son developed LOVE which they both never felt existed between them for each of them .. i could feel his love .. his wanting to me that he loved and he loved me and his family so much … but probably the fear of losing .. the fear of parting and the emotions which goes with it did not allow him to be expressive all his life and till his death … never letting his love and emotions get naked in front of his dear and near once …

but i m a very expressive person and though i feared him all my life but in the last 8 months i loved him .. loved him and loved him .. i shaved his beard almost every 3 days .. took him in my arms and kissed his cheeks and forehead innumerable times .. i developed this habit of making him recite 6 Kalimas every night before he retired to bed ..

8th september and the morning of 9th Sept 2003 was a normal night for all us .. though he was ill but we never thought anything could wrong as he was doing well with the treatment and was perfectly fine .. he had his dinner .. recited Kalimas .. uneasiness started from 1.20 am at 3.20 am he left this world peacefully .. no sign of any pain .. he just closed his eyes ..

love you Papa ..

don’t just love your parents .. express your love … pata nahi kal woh ya hum ho na ho ..


Smoking Kills

Smoking Kills

Inspired by a time lapsed short I had seen, I thought it would be nice if i can try making a time lapsed film on anti-smoking myself.
Made my room into a small studio by setting up black acrylic .. bought some cigarette packs .. readied my sturdy Nikon D90 .. lits by home purpose handy tubelight.
A non smoker, I puffed some 6 packs of cigarette to film this anti-smoking short.
Curious .. why 6 packs???
Firstly I shot 2 versions .. one against white background and one against black also I wasn’t getting the fall in the direction I wanted.
I wont discuss the after effects of smoking on me over here .. thats for some other time.
A raw cigarette takes roughly 17 minutes to turn to ash .. the one in the film took 11 minutes .. time lapsed 11 minutes into 25 seconds.
I hope the message comes across.
And please please please quit smoking.

Please view with sound and click the ‘Watch in HD’ red icon on the youtube screen panel and view the video in High Definition crystal clear visual.

Merry Christmas & Happy 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy 2010 to all my friends on flickr, youtube, facebook, twitter, my blog on wordpress and on my website

Love you all … Humayunn Niaz Ahmed Peerzaada.

Shot by: Babul Bhatt.

Texture Courtesy:
Bokeh Flash:

fuji pro 160c diacord frame:

Santa Cap:
Found on Google.

Humayun Season II

From past 4 years .. I have been down and out completely … mentally, physically, socially and even professionally coz of mother’s illness.

During this nightmarish phase, I put on weight (106 kilos to be precise).. because of the immense tension.
Stopped meeting media related people, thus giving them a thought that I am disinterested in the profession I am in.

I am a happy go lucky person, I am known for my smile .. but in this phase of mine, I forgot how to smile.

I lost the will to live, living just for the sake of living and my family.

I agree, all people do face issues in life and they fight back too and take it all in their stride, but somehow, I couldn’t.

I too am a mere mortal, I fear tensions, deaths, illnesses.

At one point of time .. I had thought that coming out of this trap was practically impossible.

And when life was at its bottom, I met a person who was like an oasis in a desert for me. This person, like an angel, changed my way of looking at things, inspired and motivated me to look into my life and now, life takes a new angle, a new perspective and i realized that there is more to me still left and waiting to be explored.

Slowly but steadily, I started picking up/re-joining the loose ends with work outs, diet control, creative and positive thinking, started seeing life as that person wanted me to see and without being too pushy or lecturing me on the dos and dont’s and also without pressurizing. The message came so beautifully that I followed these steps that i was just thinking about in the past 3 to 4 years but hesitating/procrastinating to implement the same.

My Saviour taught me the most important lesson of my life, “there is just one life, one Humayun and one lives life on a day to day basis .. whatever will happen will happen”.

In a couple of months, I have lost 16 kilos, I see myself as a renewed person, full of vigor and positivity, all set to take on the world of modeling and acting once again.

Coming Sunday (26/10/09), I am clicking my new photographic portfolio and hoping to re-enter the world of modeling and acting for which I need all my friends good wishes and blessing, which I am sure I have.

Lastly I thank that friend of mine who showed me that life is nothing but spreading cheers and spreading smiles against all odds.

I am indebted to you my friend for life. I hope that i will tread the path of glory and success once again and make u proud, but don’t forget to inspire and motivate me from time to time.

Hopefully .. Humayun Season II is on the way. Ameen.

Memories of Ramzan 09 .. Ramzanul mubarak rukhsat hua .. Foodie’s Paradise, Ebrahim Mohd Merchant Road, Mumbai – India

Memories of Ramzan 09 .. Ramzanul mubarak rukhsat hua ..

Always wanted to shoot and document on video during the holy month of Ramzan. With Nikon D90 .. that got possible and also my little knowledge of FCP comes handy to me.

If I say ‘Ebrahim Mohd Merchant Road’ happens to be one of the most prominent landmark of world than I wouldn’t be wrong.

Another reason to shoot this video and document the area is that I have been born and brought up in this area so my roots kind of lies over here.
Don’t mean to brag or exaggerate but I am sure and almost certain that “Mohd Ali Road’ has never been shot so extensively especially in the holy month of Ramzan.

So friends – please view and let me know your reactions on the above video through comments. Would really appreciate that.

Please click the ‘Watch in HD’ red icon on the youtube screen panel and view the video in High Definition crystal clear visual.

Happy viewing and Idd mubarak to everyone.

These food lanes/khau gullies at Ebrahim Mohd Merchant Road/Mohd Ali Road, Mumbai – India are probably the only open air eatery area in the whole world where people from all over the world gather in the holy month of Ramzan to eat delicious, mouth watering non vegetarian dishes. These shops are thronged by hungry and happy shoppers. These small joints sprung up only for in the month of Ramzan and vanishes exactly on the last night of the 30th Rozaz or fast.

Just for the information Mohd Ali Road comprises of 4 major junctions and 14 traffic signals.