Humayun is a Persian name which means “One who Favors” or “Champion”.

I belong to two lovely states of India – Kudachi/Kudchi (Karnataka) & Madai (Kutch – Gujarat).

I am a professional model, actor, short film maker & have recently turned photographer as well.

As Model, I have endorsed many a products and was fortunate to have been listed in the “Limca book of records – 2001” as the only model who has done the maximum modeling assignments in India.

As an Actor in theater – I was and am into Hindi Theater and have been doing mostly experimental plays.

As an Actor on Television – I have done serials like “Sahara“, “Gharounda”, “OMaria“, “Noorjehan“, “Chota mooh badi baat“, ” Mujhe chaand chahiye” and “Main“.

Apart from these soaps, I have also hosted 2 film based shows on television and they are “Bollywood Reporter” and “Ujala filmi baatain“.

As a Model, advertising agencies, production houses and model coordinators have been kind and appreciative of my work and that’s the sole reason of me doing the maximum campaigns and still functioning as a model in this highly competitive world of modeling.

I am into short film making and have written, produced and directed two short films “Dreamers of Peace” “Aman ka paigham” & recently “Toba Tek Singh“.

Dreamers of Peace” have done their rounds in all international and national film festivals and is right now uploaded on www.youtube.com & www.rajshri.com.

“Toba Tek Singh” is ready and is waiting to go for the rounds of fim festivals. Both my films “Dreamers of Peace“/ “Aman ka paigham” & “Toba Tek Singh” talks on Peace, Brotherhood and Humanity.

In 2006, I turned my hobby photography into profession and have been shooting portfolios of upcoming and established models and actors.

Apart from models and actors, I have captured some Interesting landmarks which comprises of aerial views, skylines, panoramas, towers, cinema houses, luxury hotels, religious places be it temples, mosques/dargahs, churches and more.

As a human, through the media in which I am, I would like to spread & promote the message of peace, brotherhood and humanity.



  1. naresh nagda · February 4, 2009

    Likewise your name you truly are a champion but you haven’t added you have a lion’s heart. You have always given and without a second thought.
    Thinking about your own self has been secondary and have thought about the person before you first.
    Your guidance has been valuable for me and not only me and is also spread by me like you. You have been an idol / icon for me, a true GURU.
    Wish you all success and luck

  2. knowledgetoday · March 28, 2009

    I love your site. Keep it up !

    • humayunn · April 2, 2009

      I appreciate that you appreciate knowledgetoday.

  3. humayunn · November 17, 2009

    thnks so much Naresh .. jitni guru izzat ka hakdaar hai utna hi shagird bhi taarif ka … more then a shagird u have been truly a nice human and a great friend .. always there to support me whenever i needed it …

  4. Reetu Chhipa · October 17, 2011

    hey nice site….great work…keep it up…:)

  5. Ravi · February 28, 2013

    Thanks for showing me st Joseph high school
    I was an ex student too today I see all the teachers in your blog which fill my eyes with water now I am in Taiwan & missing my old friends & teachers from st Joseph high school

  6. SJ · April 14, 2015

    Wonderful Stuff …. aware, sensitive, poignant …. keep it up. People with positive outlook, spreading positive stories are the future of India and not newspapers and TV Channels. God bless.

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