I am fed up of giving interviews, what my heart seeks and wishes no one wants to know | Humans of Mumbai


I have been born and brought up in this area and have learnt most of the languages by meeting and speaking with tourists from all over the world visiting these gardens.
I have been selling this fan from the age of 10.
I also dont know how i learnt all these languages.
I know to speak 12 languages – English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Arabi, Russian, Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati.
Thoda thoda.
I also go to a night school just to learn reading and writing for my future.

My videos are recorded by many and seen the world over, I am fed up of giving interviews .. I use to love the attention but not now .. people watching me become happy seeing me speak so many languages and I have become famous YES but what my heart seeks and wishes no one wants to know.

I want a job .. i want to grow and progress by doing a nice job say like becoming a salesman .. till when can i keep on doing this .. selling this fan on this busy road?
Should my life be stuck here .. ?

I request Mumbaikar and the entire world that to give me a good job so that i can earn a little more and move up in my life.

Ravi Ramji Chekhalya lives with his grand mother on the road next to the Kamala Nehru Park, Malabar Hill.
If anyone wants to support he can be contacted on this no:

I have recorded the story on video as well which can be viewed here:



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