I thank God that he gave me cancer | Humans of Mumbai

I am 72 years, retired as Mechanical design engineer.
I the year 1999, I was detected as having Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia, a type of blood cancer.
From 2009 to 2012 these 2 years were very bad. Side effects of the medicines deteriorated me a lot. 
People thought i will go but because of being positive, because of having a fighting spirit in life. I fought it all.
One way I thank God that he gave me cancer, he gave a good doctor – Dr. M B Agarwal, he and his wife are gem of people and through my doctor and through MAX foundation, through Novartis company that he gave a very costly medicine worth 66 lakhs which is not a small amount.
My aim in life is If I can do good and if i can become ok why my counter part should not?
So i do a lot to cheer up that person. If i can laugh my counter person can laugh, I am not a selfish man.
I make quilts and give it to cancer patients, then i make pillows .. till now i have made 5000 quilts and pillows and give it to patients who sleep on footpath outside Cancer hospitals.
Thn I make oil with garlic and methi which is good for joint pains after chemotherapy. This too i distribute the same way to patients.
I am also suffering from cancer they are also suffering from cancer.
Thn there is wheat grass, the person who makes wheat grass i gave him 10,000 patients so he gives free wheat grass powder in return which i give to the poor cancer patients.
Every day 2 or 3 patients come to me and ask “Uncle how you do it? How do you fight cancer”?
My nature is to do good and get away with it. I keep making quilts, oil, pillows and give it to cancer patients.
Apart from all this, whatever money i can save from my earnings from fixed deposits and buy toothbrush, toothpaste and soaps and distribute to my cancer patients.
Every month i give them one time meal and distribute these.
What i lose in this world?
I have come naked and I’ll go naked. So better to do something nice and get away from this world then to harm anybody. I cannot do that, I cannot see anybody crying.
This is my aim in life and i will continue doing this till I am alive.
I get satisfaction out of doing all this .. seeing the other cancer patients getting ok and happy makes me also cheerful, makes me feel so nice and i feel  AAH that man is also laughing .. I am also laughing.
When I come back from visiting cancer patients .. i come home and sit in the night  i cry because I feel so sorry for them and that is why you believe it or not i sit on the sewing machine at 12 in the night and stitch quilts for who, for those poor people. I can sleep on the bed but what about them, they don’t have anything down so i make a quilt and give it and i feel so nice and happy that Yes God that a man can at least sleep peacefully. I will always do Good and not BAD.
I Thank God for giving me cancer, giving me good doctor, for giving me MAX foundation (may his soul rest in peace, because of his father we have got all medicines free of cost), Novartis company for giving us medicines. 
So I am thankful to everybody.

Click the link below to view the above story in visual form on youtube:






the sewing machine on which he makes quilts

the sewing machine on which he makes quilts





  1. sb2711 · September 16, 2014

    Reblogged this on Sucheta the Scribbler and commented:
    Wonderful post….an eye opener

  2. natasha · September 16, 2014

    Amazing…such strength…an inspiration…god bless him for doing all for all the cancer patients..

  3. Pratibha · September 17, 2014

    god bless you dear uncle. It is amazing.

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