Humans of Mumbai

PrachiAFinalI aspire to become a photographer, it runs like a passion in my heart.
Life has never been simple and straight to me .. it has always been full of challenges and twist.
Until time put us on a test one never knows what one is capable of ..

Its been 8 years I lost my dad suddenly in an accident .. Dad had been my hero and one the best .. he always made me proud to b his daughter and he taught me to fear nothing.

My mom who has always been a person who told me that everything in this world is possible.
Her sparkling eyes always told me that to live one has to always think positive.

My life took a sudden turn when my dad expired. Though the time was moving but my entire being came to a sudden halt.

But God gave me all the strength to stand on and take care of my mom who was suffering from arthritis.
I took a BPO job to sustain but in this rush many a times i felt lost in the crowd.

I feel each and everyone of us face difficult situations but i feel more than the situation its very important how we react to that situation.

My Mom was to get operated and i lost my job due to recession but my mom courageously said that we will manage .. u don’t worry.

If one keeps fighting one never die .. one moves in like a river finding ways towards realising dreams.

In all this rush I never let my dream and aspiration to fade away .. I kept them strong and alive in my heart .. carrying a dream and responsibility together taught me about life and made me a strong woman.

Today I do have my passion in my hand and vision in my eyes to be a best human and have a sparkling soul within.

I feel happiness is within us not outside as life goes by .. you start speaking to yourself, you understand what you really need and everyday gets you closer to your dreams .. after a dark night day has to come because every dark cloud has a silver lining so I feel we all should never let go … do not put sword down .. that sword is ‘hope’ within your eyes and pride to carry yourself through every tough situation.

Jiye bina gam ke to kya jiye, aur wo khushi ka maza he kya, jo gam ke raaste na guzra ho.

Everything can’t be the way you planned but still moving on with your aspirations is rhythm of life.

Junoon ke bina hum sirf zinda hai, par hamen jeena chahiye, sirf zinda rahna kaafi nahi.



  1. Prachi More · August 22, 2014

    So happy to be a part of this project thanks a lot

  2. it was my pleasure to have you in this project .. thanks so much

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