Humans of Mumbai


Waoooo, Aya Sawan Jhoom Ke !!! Very few things give me more contentment than romancing the raindrops on my face. Yes, I love this season called “monsoon” where nature showers its bountiful blessings on us and I am out in the open to gather whatever I can. I love life and like to enjoy every moment wherever possible and live life to the fullest.

In my childhood have been a lot of trouble to my family because of excessive mischief. I was nicknamed as “TOD FOD MASTER” and relatives would avoid taking me with them because I was a trouble maker like “Denice the menace”. In the process of growing up I changed, became well behaved so people started loving me and the same relatives who would shudder with the thought of my presence, were deeply amused with me and also surprised at my change.

I have always been an ordinary person, focussed on work, but I have always believed in setting my own rules. Life did pose different hurdles ups and downs, but I always took them in my stride and with a smile. Never planned much about the future, as a matter of fact, never planned at all. Did things as they came, challenged my own possibilities – right from separating from fathers business, setting up my own and then to modelling and acting.

Modelling and acting too started like my business i.e. just a word from a friend and lo! I did not think much about success / failure, just did it and that too with complete dedication. My friend, philosopher and guide, my guru, Sir Humayunn Peerzada told me that you have a nice face and smile, why don’t you model? Taking cue, within a week he shot my first folio and the journey started. Initially didn’t get much response not even audition calls, but then Humayunn Sir guided me for the next step. I blindly followed every word he told, as to appearance, speech, diction, body language, clothing, etc. and in a couple of years a complete makeover emerged.

Now I am working as a professional model. What is more important is that the quality of work I started getting surprised me. I did all that came my way with full dedication and commitment, so whoever I worked with always called me second time too and also referred me to others. Further, everybody works for money, apart from that when some director / client / photographer says that “no one could have done this better than you” OR “we are really happy on casting you for this role” it gives me more joy than the payment for that assignment.

Though life has been a journey of ups and downs I have always been surrounded by wonderful people through my journey and blessing me plenty like this heavy downpour. Life has been very kind to me for giving me a wonderful family, friends and these are the people who make a difference in life. Without you people, life will not have any meaning.

A message for aspiring models – Don’t despair for work, budgets, people, conditions, etc. Have patience, work on yourself without excuses. Better yourself and yes success will knock your door. Modelling thy name is patience and perseverance.

A message for HOM and all humans – Be good, do good, believe in good, love your country, family and friends.


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