Humans of Mumbai


Photography is an art. Been a photographer for over 45 years now. There is a beautiful world out there in this camera.

Mine has been a rich to rags story. You yourself can see how I am shooting this product shot. This shop belongs to a friend of mine, whom I have requested to allow me to use this little space for shooting this product shot. I have no fancy gadgets, I am using the available light to shoot this.

I am on the verge of collapsing but the spirit of an artist inside me keeps reviving me.

Just keep working, name and fame will follow and lastly always remember that we are artists. We can be monetarily poor, but we are very rich in thoughts and with art we follow.

(I saw him shooting a product in this open shop, while walking in the bylane of Flora Fountain, at first i just wanted to shoot his portrait while he was shooting the product, he first refused saying he doesn’t want to get clicked .. he was curt and his NO was very forceful.
I turned back and started moving, he called me and agreed .. clicked couple of pictures of his and later he told me his little story).


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