Humans of Mumbai

Having experienced grief and sorrow from early years of life, my motive is to carry on my younger brother’s (who was highly qualified, ever helpful and a pious person) desire to serve the cause of Sick, Old and Poor (SOP). Wherever and whenever help is required, I want to reach first. Visiting hospitals and nursing homes to be of help to relatives, friends and colleagues, badly in need of the same, gives me greater joy and satisfaction rather than accepting invitations for cocktails and parties. I consider rescuing injured and distressed people / animals, as a human duty. I always believe in giving more than receiving, whether it is in work life or personal life.
In earlier years, I felt interested in modelling and did a number of assignments too. It was more of a hobby than a career. While my mother encouraged my modelling career, my father did not appreciate this passion for a qualified engineer. Although well qualified [B.E. (Mechanical), Masters in Marketing Management (MMM), and specialised in Plastics (DIPI)], I keep a low profile and never appear to be so qualified. Ultimately, after considerable discussion, it was agreed that I give limited time to modelling, and also shall not promote liquor and tobacco.
Being an entrepreneur for the last 7 years, after working for 3 Multi National Companies (MNCs), I continue to consider “Marketing’ as my prime profession. Now the stress is on speciality chemicals used in polymer, healthcare, personal care, water treatment industry etc, where I represent few overseas companies. The marketing job made me travel to several countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East, where I can claim to have good knowledge. Having closely worked with Multi National Companies (MNCs) from Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Singapore, China etc I have a broad outlook and preparedness to take up greater business capabilities.
Well travelled in different parts of the country and having positive attitude towards Public Relations and Human Relations, I have always transformed initial business connections into personal friends. I believe that human relations come first and business relations will follow later on. This philosophy has helped create a host of friends and admirers all over.


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