Humans of Mumbai

Humans of Mumbai

After reaching a certain stage in life, ones ego stops you to go around begging for work | Actor, Director | Humans of Mumbai

My only fright is of death and I think everyone should have this fright. Death can visit anyone anytime but when it snatches your dear and near ones, it pains and one just cannot forget the,
Saddest moment was when I lost my mother and brother within a span of 6 months time.They both come in my dreams and I feel they are still with me all the time. I miss them and their support and felt that suddenly I was thrust the responsibility of my family. I always had this child like streak in me, like a free bird and suddenly maturity stepped in and I had to became an adult.

Parting of any kind is very difficult.

Unfulfilled love is another remorse of my life, “jisko sacha pyar kiya wo nahi mila” – the one whom I truly loved, I did not get. I loved a lady deeply but I couldn’t marry her. I have had some great moments during my college days with her which are still memorable and which I will always cherish.
Now after so many years, the only thing I want and wish is too just see her.

I have introduced many students and faces on stage to do plays, though I never launched them with any motive but some of them have a motive and once that motive gets accomplished, they change and that saddens me. Their behaviour and attitude changes drastically when they grow in stature, but I don’t hold any grudges as they are like my own children. I feel happy and elated when they become successful actors and earn name and fame, they were and always be my children whom I nurtured on stage.
“Khud ke liye jiye to kya jiye, jio to dusro ke liye, usi mein khushi milti hai” – Everyone lives for themselves, true happiness is in living for others.

In contrast to those ‘some’ there are many who shower me with so much love and respect making my eyes moist.
To be a good director one has to be a good actor too. I have always tried to balanced this and chalked my career in dramatics. Friends and well wishers tell me that film industry lost a brilliant actor in me as they failed to notice me and my acting prowess. The Jewellers of the film industry failed to take notice of a gem, probably also the gem too did not wanted to be noticed
They feel sad for me as I am not given the right due and recognition. Even I go through the same emotion of sadness, maybe I did not go through the cycle of so called ‘struggle in film industry’ properly. I was just too immersed in dramatics, planning and doing plays, launching and nurturing others all the time and never thought or planned for myself or may be i was just plain lazy.

Now at this age and phase, I cannot struggle. After reaching a certain stage in life, ones ego stops you to go around begging for work.

I want to tell my Fankaar arts artists, that “There is lots to learn and explore, so keep doing plays”.

I love my family, my wife, my bhabhie, my sisters, my son Affan, my nephew Azhar and my nieces. I would’nt want / like my son Affan to go in acting field. I wish that he joins Merchant Navy, as there is a lot of struggle in acting field which i don’t want him to go through.

I want to tell my nephew Azhar that “tu mera hero hai, anchoring ke saath saath acting bhi karo aur Kazi Family ka naam aur aage badhao” – You are my hero and along with anchoring you do acting too and take the name of our Kazi family forward.

I have a beautiful sher for those who are reading this interview

Kirno ke mitaane se mite hai na mitengen
Aafat -e- zamaane se jhuke hai na jhukegen
Hum maut ke maare hai, dabe hai na dabengen,
Hum zinda the, hum zinda hai, hum zinda hi rahengen.

Tamam fankaar ke artists ke liye aur tamam log jo zinda hai unke liye ek sher pesh karna chahta hoon:

Shama bujhne ke baad phir se jal sakti hai,
Had -e- toofan se guzar sakti hai,
Mayoos na ho, apne iraade na badal,
Kismat kisi bhi wakt palat sakti hai.


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