Humans of Mumbai

Humans of Mumbai

I am seated at the booking counter of Imperial talkies, I also take care of the canteen here and now have also produced and directed a film. Its been 4 years since I am here. My father and elder brother too were in the same line and they used to tell me that the film Zanjeer was released in this very cinema and Amitabh Bachchan too had become hit from here itself.

Imperial, Naaz & Swastik, all three cinemas were absolutely terrific.

Here at Imperial cinema it was such a time that when it was housefull, people used to be spread out to the middle of the street and causing a traffic jam. That time of films can never come back, its not possible.

Whistling on songs, raining of coins on the screen, its all over.

Nowadays, films don’t do well, people do not prefer to go to cinemas. Be it the biggest of the stars, but u will find only 20-30 people, in the theatre, thats it not more.

Everybody is busy on the TV or the mobile and whatever is remaining is completed by the Multiplexes and foreign companies. Everything is finished.

My father and brother were with Raj Khosla and my mother with daughter of Pran sahab, who had a house at Pali Hill. When I left school, they appointed me at their house at Pali Hill. I would accompany my mother during shootings. I was able to see the shootings, right in front of me and from there itself the urge to make films took birth “I too should do something”.

I have already made 2 films earlier, but because of poor direction, it collapsed. The director sunk the films and from there I thought that I should take charge and started this one, which after completion too the censor board kept me hanging for 8 months. Its a one line subject “Night of 31st December”. Though the censorship took 8 months, now it has passed and tomorrow itself it is releasing here in Imperial cinema.

I too am trapped by making this third film, hope that by the grace of God it does well, pray for that and do come tomorrow. Tomorrow is a happy day for me, I have kept eatables too. See you tomorrow at 12.00.

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