Humans of Mumbai

Humans of Mumbai

I have been here selling water in Imperial Talkies (Lamington Road) since childhood. Been many years now, that time I was studying in School.

This water pot is still there from yesteryears and such cool and clean water you won’t fine anywhere in Mumbai.

Imperial, Swastik & Naaz cinemas form a triangle, whereas Novelty, Shalimar, Super & Minerva are on the right hand side and Opera House on the left hand side. All these cinemas had a brilliant time of their own, such packed/crowded places, one can never forget and now those days won’t come back.

Earlier a lot of people used to come here, it used to be Housefull many a times, now-a-days no one comes to the cinema. Very less people, some 15-20 people come to watch movies here. Cinema & Talkies died after 1982.

I miss Dharmendra, Rajesh Khanna & Jeetendra a lot, they were Silver Jubilee heroes.

The Elephants of Imperial Cinema, are still there, on the back side.

Now I am a Senior Citizen, I just come here to pass my time. Sell a few glasses of water. The old friends are no more, so I just come, sit here for a while and go back.


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