Humans of Mumbai

Humans of Mumbai

Never had big dreams, never wanted a luxurious life, always prayed for a smooth life | Humans of Mumbai

Born in 1951, I had a long journey till date with lots of ups and down, seen bad times and good times.
Childhood was spent at Grant road, Mumbai then shifted to suburb in 1975, but still have sweet memory of childhood and of Grant Road.

Since 1974 I kept my journey to and fro to the gulf country rendering service in the construction field, travelling the entire gulf except Qatar. I have spent some amazing time in Bahrain and Dubai,
My favourite hobby and passion is for photography, I have learnt photography by reading books and asking friend and people associated with it about photography.
During celluloid era I learnt developing and printing in BW and colour film too, as of now as the digital era has started it became more easy to understand.
International photographers have really been very generous and most of my learning came through seeing tutorials on youtube.

My most memorable time was, when i first travelled abroad by ship to Dubai, those 5 night and 4 Days I will never forget which has changed my life from bad days to good.
In this journey of life, I want to forget some wounds which were given by my most dearest but ultimately at the end i feel those wounds were sweet pain.
But some how I want to forget those particular days.
I never had any big dreams, never wanted a luxurious life, I always dreamt and prayed for a smooth life which the almighty has always provided me.
Lastly I would say, never stretch your legs beyond your blanket, there is no harm to see big dreams but don’t run after it like a mad dog, what ever is in your destiny you will get it, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t work hard , just be honest to your work.


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