Humans of Mumbai

Humans of Mumbai

My Dad left me and this world when was about to leave college and when i needed him the most.

Anyways with a lot of difficulties i faced the reality and like all adolescents, I passed out of college into a sea of societal demons, mothers expectations and my own dreams.

My dream was to enter into the field of media be it becoming an actor or an anchor.

When i was in college due to my presence in most of extra curricular activities i was a very popular student who was always in demand when it came to hosting college festivals and shows but once i was out of college i faced reality and faced confusion in terms of whether to keep anchoring as a hobby and work full time in Merchant Navy and follow my Dad’s footsteps.

Had even got admission for the training but my heart was not into it i and finally i decided against it and follow my dreams of getting into the entertainment business.

I became an assistant for a movie, acted in a couple of short films, started hosting with local orchestra group and through the journey of hosting i realised that hosting Sangeet Sandhya is my niche

I was good in hosting it and through Word of mouth praising within no time I became a household name in the Sangeet Sandhya i.e. pre wedding gigs.

My mom was still unsure about my profession but as the praise for my work began to trickle in through her well wishers and neighbours, she and my family developed a sense of ease, started developing faith in my talent and with my choice of career.

I have immense faith my talent and I work to express and not impress.

My mother has always taught me to be grounded and be consistent in whatever i do.

Her advise always comes handy and makes me more committed to my profession.

Lastly i m sure my dad somewhere up there is a very proud and very happy with my achievements, still long way to reach my goals and i m sure his duas are with me.


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