Humans of Mumbai

Humans of Mumbai

My “Talim’s Art Studio” was established in 1918.

I took to sculpting as a profession under the guidance of my grandfather late Shri B. V. Talim and his father late Shri H. B. Talim, two eminent sculptors of India. At present, I represent the 3rd generation who is following this art of sculpting and that too very passionately and executing statues of great Indian personalities in Bronze, Marble and Plaster too.

Now my son too is following his family’s foot steps and learning this art of sculpting. I am very fortunate to live in Mumbai as it gives me an opportunity to explore and garner business. The city gives an artiste the freedom required to create the right balance between being creative and commercial at the same time. For an artiste its better to reside and work in a metropolitan city for commercial point of view as there are many art galleries and and an artist is always aware of the what’s going on in the Art circle.

Mumbai is vibrant city and so many activities keep on going on as it is supposed to be the major Art Hub of India. So thanks to my city Mumbai – I as an artist enjoy all the privileges that my city has to offer me.

Personally Art is my passion and it keeps me inspired to work with all the inspirations which surround me in this magnanimous city.

Lastly everyone has a dream and everyone works hard to fulfil their individual dreams.

I wish all Mumbaites that our dreams, aspirations and wishes get fulfilled in the times to come.

Click the link below to view the 360º virtual panorama of Talim Studio:


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