Humans of Mumbai

Humans of Mumbai

I am happy to be the first lady photographer in my community, pursuing this profession since last 18 years.
I earn my living with great self respect and dignity.
Being a muslim, I am able to carry this profession with Hijab.
In the beginning, it was not easy to stand amidst the male dominating profession and society.
With hard work and patience, I have made a mark and have become a sought after photographer especially in those weddings where only female photographers are permitted to shoot the Moslem bride.
I am a Leo… whatever I decide I execute. I love challenges.
Once i decide something, nothing stops me till the final execution. Started photography and didn’t realise when18 years flew by.
Today when I see young n talented girls in the field of photography, i feel good. With happiness & pride this thought comes to my mind…
“I had tread alone on this path, but people followed and soon became a caravan.”
Mein akela hi chala tha jaanib-e-manzil magar,
Log saath aate gaye aur caravan banta gaya.


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