Humans of Mumbai

Humans of Mumbai

I am a senior mechanic in BEST, but apart from that I do paper miniatures of BEST Buses and Indian Railways as my hobby & passion. I have covered the entire history of BEST Buses, but Indian Railways is a huge project and one’s lifetime is not enough to complete it. Its a very interesting subject and Indian Railways invite me to different festivals across India to exhibit my made miniatures. Such exhibition connects me with so many artists and media persons. It makes me happy to meet them as it gives my art an exposure.

I don’t want my art to be tucked somewhere in my house in some plastic box, I want to get exposure. I also want the youngsters and the students of history to know about this art and craft. Todays children are wasting time in games and TV, but making them aware of the art and getting them involved to give them free hand to try such skills will make them happy and “I HAVE DONE IT” feel gets ingrained in them.

This art and making these miniatures do not have any commercial value for me as I don’t sell them. I just want to share the knowledge and educate young artists who have interest in this art. Miniatures are handmade in paper. Its eco friendly, light weight and if attached to a small toy machine these miniatures can move as well. I can make one single piece and many as well.

Its not easy, lots of research goes into it right from implementation till its final execution. It gives me immense happiness and satisfaction in doing this, but the only remorse I have is that there is lack of awareness of this art and its not getting the right exposure, as its documentation of history and we and the future generation duty to keep history alive.

Lastly here are two mad artists in Germany, like me they too have created a miniature world. A kind of a building to showcase the German Railways. I wish and dream that I too come up with such a museum to showcase our Indian Railways. Exhibitions are temporary, but museums will last forever.

I wish my dream becomes a reality.


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