Humans of Mumbai

Humans of Mumbai

We all four are outdoor artists, we shoot outdoors. So basically we go for landscaping & sketching places in and around Mumbai.
Right from college days we are together. Now we all have retired. We have lots of time, no problem of leave application, getting rejected and all that. Now we have ample of time and we are using it fruitfully.
The happiest thing is that we booked this gallery for our pairing exhibition, but when we got another letter telling us to pay this much amount, we were shocked. Actually we 2 had made an application way back in 2008 and so we thought now how will we handle this burden? So we came to the Gallery and requested them to allow us to take two more friends and thus the burden will be shared.
Then we got back to our friends, we ran to them, caught them and told them our plight. Hearing this they were also happy as they were getting first chance here to exhibit their paintings in this prestigious art gallery and they also can benefit from it.
So 4 artists and one exhibition.
Now we are enjoying.
We booked the gallery in 2008, they don’t take so much time for allotting dates, but anyways we got it now.
Recently also we have applied. But meanwhile we are happily using and playing with the colours and enjoying the colourful life.
For all four of us Painting is our breath and the ultimate aim of everybody’s life is to be happy and so we are finding happiness in doing this.
Till our last breath, whether anything goes wrong we will be with our painting.
That is what we all friends are doing and this sentiments is shared by all four of us.
We are 4 friends from college days, the 1976 batch and we are meeting after such a long time. The bonding is so much, so there wont be a single chance of misunderstanding and its a sort of get together for us. Old college glories of 1976-77 is coming back so enjoying.


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